Northwestern Ontario couple, doing what we love. Working on our home, flipping furniture and enjoying life in the country.

I am Nadine Bodnar (Sinclair).  Born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. My husband is Kory Bodnar, born and raised in Tecumseh Ontario (just outside of Windsor).  Kory moved here about 11 years ago, we met shortly after he moved here and have been together ever since. We live just inside of city limits on our 34 acres of heaven.

We enjoy working on projects together. Either building small pieces of furniture, painting furniture pieces I find or doing the finishing touches on our home we just built.

I have many hobbies and like to stay busy with them all. Photography is always something I enjoy doing, but in the winter months I find it hard to be motivated to take pictures of cold and snow.  So that’s where furniture refinishing comes in…we have the space in our workshop so I  fill it up with pieces of furniture I usually find on Kijiji and work on them as much as I can. It helps with the winter blues, the days are short and the sun isn’t up for very long. I need to keep busy until I can see the grass growing again!

We hope you enjoy our blog, and make sure to comment with any questions or feedback.

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