Northwestern Ontario crafter, flipping furniture and enjoying life in the country.

I enjoy working on projects, from woodworking to home decor and crafts. My favourite past time is either building small pieces of furniture, painting furniture pieces I find or doing the finishing touches on my home that was just built, actually my house is now 3 years old, its amazing how time flies.

I have many hobbies and like to stay busy with them all. Photography is always something I enjoy doing, but in the winter months I find it hard to be motivated to take pictures of cold and snow. So that’s where furniture refinishing comes in…I have the space in my workshop so I fill it up with pieces of furniture I usually find on Kijiji and work on them as much as I can. It helps with the winter blues, the days are short and the sun isn’t up for very long. I need to keep busy until I can see the grass growing again!

I hope you enjoy my blog, and make sure to comment with any questions or feedback.

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