Our Perfect Pit

We love sitting in our back yard, we live in the country and love the peace and quiet of it all. But when the old house came down and the new one went up…our back yard became a disaster area.

After building the house the back yard needed (still needs) a lot of work. No real grass is growing just some random weeds and the rock situation is out of control!

This was our attempt to make the back yard a bit more inviting again.

First we decided where we wanted the fire pit to be. It was in this area with old house but we moved it over about 10 feet.

(see what I mean about the grass).

Lets start by saying that you can buy fire pit kits from Home Depot, but it limits you to the size that they have created so we didn’t go that route. We bought the stone that we liked at $3.90 a stone and while I was at work hubby and his buddy started the process (that’s why no before pic). Laying the stones down took mins and was super easy, below the stones is a commercial grade weedblocker. We had some left over from the house build. It’s like the thickest felt you’ve touched.

Before putting down the weedblocker, my husband dug out the centre of the pit just a couple of inches.

(felt was cut away from the inside)

Our pit is a 4 ft diameter, we have the space so why not make it a good size.

Once all of the stones were put in place we realized we needed just a few more, and we bought one extra just incase. We don’t have a medal ring in the middle, didn’t think it was necessary and air flow through the stones helps the fire burn better. We also bought the adhesive but did not use it. After a friend made a good point that if a stone cracks or chips you can’t replace just that one. So we will be returning the adhesive at $10 a tube!

We then layed down more weed block in a perimeter around the pit.

We then put a pipe in the centre of the pit as a place holder for the rope to go around making a perfect circle. As you can see we spray painted the area, laid down the blocker and then spray painted again.

We had gone to Home Depot looking for a boarder or trim of some sort, not sure what we were going to find. When we got there we discovered this fantastic product (Canadian made… Super important to us). It’s from recycled rubber, comes in 4 foot lengths, and long plastic spikes to drive it into the ground.

We thought for sure these spikes were gonna break like crazy as our backyard is hard pan and even machines had a hard time digging down during the build. (putting the supports for the back deck wasn’t fun). But to be honest only 3 spikes broke and it wasn’t a problem, just left the broke pieces in the ground and moved onto the next one.

Now these 4 foot rubber edging were not the cheapest at $13.47 a piece, totallying $175 to trim out the pit. Where there cheaper options yes… Where they as nice, not even close! And this is something we will be enjoying for years and years to come, to use it was worth the few bucks to get the nicer product.

Placing the trim was super easy we just keep making sure we were staying within our perfect circle as we hammered the pegs down. Once we got to the last piece we only had to cut off about 12 inches. Cutting it was also very easy, as rubber cuts like a hot knife through butter if you wet it first. Kory easily cut it with his pocket knife and some water.

Once we had the rubber edging all down it was off to one of our local garden/greenhouse nursery places here in Thunder Bay. We had bought white stone from there early this summer for around the front of the house. So we knew it was a great price, we also knew from that purchase how much our truck could hold.

We bought 2 yards the first time we went loading it all in the truck at once. Now we have a heavy duty GMC diesal but a lot of weight is still not the best idea. It road pretty low with 2 yards of rock. This time we got 1 load at a time. I’ll be honest it was a super super hot day and taking the hour break to go get 2 loads of white rock was perfect. The rock with tax cost us $101.

We also had a very handy little dumping trailer that we had borrowed, loaded it up at the truck and pulled it down to the pit, shoveled it off and spread it around.

Once all of the stone was down it was time to clean up the weed blocker sticking out and place down some chairs, which we had just purchased from Canadian Tire @ $20 each, now Muskoka chairs aren’t the comfiest things around so I’ve also just bought some cushions.

In total the firepit including the new chairs cost us about $500. Which is money well spent for something we will enjoy for years to come.

We had a fire that night and it was perfect. The perimeter wasn’t to close or to far from the flames and of course I was making sure the white stone stayed clear of twigs and debris the whole time (yes even a neat freak outside).

Now back to Home Depot to buy more rubber edging for the front of us house!! Seriously best product ever!

Tks for visiting our little blog, see you soon!

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