Dollarama craft aisle! 

I’m not always out in the workshop, sometimes my old body needs a break from sanding, painting and moving furniture. But that doesn’t mean that I want to just sit and doing nothing. In fact I honestly don’t watch alot of 📺 tv. I have a few favourite shows and of course the Jay’s game is playing in the background right now… “Go Jays”  (hubby is on the couch watching said game) but lots of times its off when I’m in the house.  

So when I’m not in the workshop, I like to dig out the craft supplies. I’ve been working with alot of wood beads lately. Making different wood garlands to hang around the livingroom as furniture jewelry. I didn’t invent it, I wish I had!  In fact there are ladies all over Instagram who make them and sell them. Some fancy then others! But I of course being a DYIer, had to make my own 😊. 

I move these around probably weekly. (I move all decor weekly).

With a smaller bead I made these napkin ring holders.  I do have something a little fancier to hang on the end, but not all craft supplies make it into the house, and sometimes the 30 steps to the workshop is to far away! 😁 lol

Now adding some beads to some wall hangings. I had bought a few embroidery hoops for a different project, but I couldn’t find that amount I needed (used ones anyway)  and I wasn’t about to spend about a $100 or so on a variety of sizes from the craft store. *if it’s not from Dollarama craft aisle it’s usually expensive unfortunately. And speaking of Dollarama craft aisle, I bought these rolls of material cut them into strips and tied them onto the hoops. 

(yes that is my crafting beer 🍻) 

These hoops I bought off of eBay at an ok price and since original plans changed I decided to mix it up a bit by crafting up some Boho looking wall hanging.  Very much the look a lot of people are mixing with the farmhouse decor.  Flat baskets hung on walls, macromae plant hangers etc,  all very nice but not really my style of decor.  

Although I have to say this piece below is a new little favourite of mine.  I could easily change up the looked by using  an aluminum hoop, white lace and gray strips of threads. (maybe I can bring craft supplies camping… OH I THINK I MIGHT). 

If anyone local Thunder Bay Ontario) is interested in any of  these, or a request for something similar let me know I’d be happy to make some. (price to be determined on supplies used) 

Not a furniture post but something I like to work on. FYI there are 7 pieces of furniture, 3 each about 90% done waiting in the workshop. One I am super excited to share with you all.  And trust me I’ll be blogging about them all soon… Stay tuned! 
Thanks for visiting! 


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