Our Rustic Bed 

Sometimes you need pieces of furniture specific to a room, or an exact look you’re after. I looked through tons of websites, browsing for a bed frame that would fit our room, not that I needed to worry about space, but I didn’t want a huge headboard (there is a reason for that and that is a future project) or a frame that took over the room.  So a simple nice slat king bed is what I wanted and that isn’t something I was going to find at a price I was willing to pay.  Seriously what they want for afew pieces of wood is crazy! 

So in true Bodnar fashion, we decided to build our bed instead!

With a trip to Home Depot and a quick drawing of some plans… Voila a king bed for a really great price!! 

We started with measurements of just an inch and a half bigger than the mattress itself. I didn’t want to struggling tucking in blankets or sheets. So with a king bed of 78 x 79 we made the frame 79.5 x 80.5 using 2×10 pine. We then grabbed enough slats to have them no less than 2 inches apart, along with some cedar 4×4’s (yes we thought of using the rough 4×4’s from the old house but we wanted perfectly shaped ones for the bed).  We made a support in the middle using a couple of deck hangers and a 2×6. 

We then… Assembled! Actually I came home from work and hubby had already done so using some floor jacks to support one end as he screwed together the other… So smart. 

My job make look pretty. So with some jacobean stain and some hemp oil wax to seal it in. It was done, next we disassembled and moved it into the house. 

We’ve gotten so many compliments on this bed, and requests for more. As soon as some local Bodnar’s Acres landscaping is done, more will be made. One for our spare room bed, probably daughters room, one for the niece and one a friend wants. 

 We love the look and we purposely made it quite high,  as to have a lot of clearance underneath for dog beds (when not in use, or when the dog thinks this is her hiding spot), suitcases or whatever you can think of. 

Very happy with the finished product. It fits perfectly in our room and couldn’t imagine spending money on something not nearly as nice, or made so cheaply its falling apart in 2 years. This isn’t going anywhere and will be lasting a life time. 

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