Reuse and Recycle.

Kory bought the house in March of 2007, and I moved into our little red cabin in the woods in May of 2009. It was a tiny 2 bedroom house with 4 people and 2 dogs.  I love love love our 34 acres, but the little red house, well it wasn’t always so fun. Frozen pipes in the winter, cold floor that seemed to lean a little. My husband likes to joke that the eggs were always thick on one side!

As we tore down the house we learned that it was built to be a ‘summer home’ aka no insulation and definitely not designed to with stand cold winters in Thunder Bay, hence the frozen pipes.

It was built in the 60’s by the older gentleman who owned the property. Through talking with neighbours we learned that the old house was all built using the wood off of the property. The walls were stacked 4×4’s!! Sort of like a log home without the pretty log look.  It was 4×4’s, tar paper, panelling, 2 layers of siding and that was it. Did you notice I didn’t say “insulation”?!?!  brrrr is right!

One neighbour had mentioned that the house was solid wood, we weren’t quite sure what he meant until we started tearing off the panelling to find this…

No Insulation!!

Although we were shocked to see the insides of the walls, we soon got very excited about what we could make out of them! We kept as many pieces as we could, getting rid of ones that were just in to rough of shape.  Of course our luck at the time was as we wanted to start to burn some of the wood we didn’t want to keep, a fire band was put into place because we were so dry in the area in May 2016. So unfortunately we had to pay to get more hauled away then we wanted to.

So what could we possible do with these beauty’s? Make furniture!  We always knew we wanted a huge island in our new kitchen, it was important for us to have a place to gather with friends and family over. A place where you stand if you wanted to or sit comfortably  while having a visit, eating a  meal or just ‘hanging out’.

We wanted to build something simple, something that would show off the gorgeous pieces of wood and something we knew we could make ourselves.

Look at the beautiful detail in that wood. The bark and the worm tunnels through it are definitely my favourite part.

Prepping the piece for the build really wasn’t to hard. A belt sander with some 80 grit and a whole lot of poly and it was ready to assemble.

The best part about this piece is no one in the world has one the same. It’s truly a Moose Valley Design original.

Let’s talk about the top. Right now we don’t like the colour. It end up being to orange for us. So since it’s a tinted poly and not truly a stain, I’m hoping it’s fairly easy to change it up. The problem being we don’t want to have to take the top off to do it.  A light sanding (by hand or dust will be everywhere!) and a re-coat of a different shade should do the trick. Fingers crossed it’s that simple.

With our many trips to Winnipeg last summer (Oh I love IKEA and Costco) we bought the bar stools. Soon realizing we didn’t buy enough. So we go back again in May and we’ll be getting at least 4 more.

The island is really all we ever use. I think in 4 months we’ve sat at the kitchen table twice, and that was with company over.

Question is what do we do with the rest of the wood!!??? Plans are in the works 😆😆

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