Not a Tiger

Like all furniture re-finishers (aka paint old stuff) I always take a before picture of my projects, ok, ok, ok I might have forgotten a time or two, but the screen shot of the Kijiji ad usually saves me! This time I took a before in the workshop…but some maybe screenshots.

chalk dresser

This dresser I got a great deal on, like most items I picked it up off of Kijiji. How do I find these items you ask? I’m constantly on my app on my phone. And now that I have started painting regularly, friends send me links or tag me in buy and sell Facebook ads as well. It’s great!!

Everyone was a bit panicked when they saw that I had painted this. Let me assure you this was NOT tiger wood by any means. It was almost like the manufacturer took a marker and drew lines. In person this looked really fake,  so I did not feel bad painting this piece at all.

I used a spray paint on this one, I don’t usually use spraypaint but I thought I would give it a try.  This was Rust-oleum chalk paint spray. I did spray a primer underneath first which helped for sure.  Then I sprayed 2 coats of this great colour, called Serenity Blue (it’s mint green). After I sprayed it, I thought it looked a little to bright so I decided to try out my Homestead espresso wax. I had never used wax before I was quite nervous but I took out my paint brush and dug right in.  I turned out fantastic!   I rubbed the wax on letting it sit for about 5-10  mins and then just took a cloth and wiped it off. Not only did I get a great look it feels like super soft and sealed in. As the package states it about 30 days before it’s fully hardened or cured. And since I now did this 6 months ago I’m not afraid of putting anything onto it. I had a vase that had some water on the bottom and it didn’t leave a mark at all.


The drawers were a bit hard to open and close when I first picked it up so I took a cheap one dollar candle and rubbed it all along the gliders. Now in saying that the this is a very old dresser and I’ve had to do a bit more work to get the drawers to sit level and open/close nicely.  Soon it will be up for sale and make room for another project!

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