BLOG?!?! What???

A blog, I never thought I’d be doing a blog. It seems like a lot of work to constantly be writing about my day! But this is more than just about my every day, this is about what I (we) do to fulfill my days. The pictures I take, the house we built and the furniture my husband I build and work on. Are we carpenters NO, but we are way to thrifty and creative to pay crazy new furniture prices for something we know we can make just as well if not better.

A little bit about the name. Moose Valley Designs, well for one our house is most definitely in a valley, we get more snow then even the neighbours down the road (it really is annoying). The Moose well that part was easy, I love moose, they are the cutest animals around. They aren’t as plentiful as they used to be and are becoming more and more scares as the years go by.  I’m always watching for them when travelling the highways around here.  And the main reason for ‘moose’  we have a weather-vane  on the top of our workshop that is in the shape of a moose. We call him Gus, he was a wedding gift from our dear friends a couple of years back.  So when thinking of names it all just seem to fit, Moose Valley Designs!

I hope you enjoy all that we have to share and hopefully inspire you to do something you love, either photography, furniture flipping or being creative in your own home.

Thanks for taking a look at our blog


the Bodnar’s

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